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"My grandson loves it, safe and small enough to not lose your kids. Great in the winter for something to do when cold outside. You can spend hours and have a great time."

Afirst a

"Kids had amazing fun. The man behind the counter was very friendly and patient while we decided what wristbands to get for the kids of different ages. The rest of the staff was also very friendly. Would highly recommend."

gary s

"What a great place! Clean. Fun. The owner is an expert at designing place spaces that are terrific for children. Highly recommended! They are always improving and adding fun."

janae R

"Funtime Junction is a great place! I will return! My baby had a great time!"

maria b

"There is more to do in Funtime Junction than most indoor play spaces, but it is small enough to feel manageable. Parents enter for free and are not forced to run after their kids. There's a nice row of rocking chairs where parents can relax, watch a game, and still see their kids. Plus, there's laser tag, which is fun for all ages."

marissa m

"I had epic fun here. It was a big family event for all the 2-5 year olds and it was amazing. It was comfortable, clean, the staff was amazing, and everything was open as an open floor plan so it was safe and easy to spot all the kids. I will definitely be returning here."

Christine n

"Amazing.. Fun for all ages... affordable.. GREAT place for kids to let loose and have some fun.. earn tickets and get prizes, clean bathrooms, sinks in bathrooms are low for children to clean their own hands.. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!"

Nesreen b

"Great place for kids! Birthday parties are even better! The hosts were so nice and patient! They went above and beyond for everything we needed. We had a party some years back and thought it was great, this time thanks to the hosts it was BETTER! Can't go wrong here! Definitely 5 star worthy."

Richard f

"Grandkids had a blast. A good way for them to burn up energy plus gives them something to look forward to."

kelly c

"They added new things. My kids love it. Parent-friendly."

archana n

"Perfect place for birthday parties. Kids love it anytime."

Robert O

"Perfect for any child 2-10 yrs old!"

melissa w

"I just wanted to take the time to give my personal review of my daughter’s 4th birthday party. It was ABSOLUTELY amazing. It exceeded all my expectations and my daughter kept stopping and saying “I’m having THE best day!”…which is all I could ask for. Our party host was beyond perfect. She was attentive and on her game. She made this party for me very easy and I, as the mom, was able to enjoy the day w/ my children, family, and friends. I had parents of the kids coming up to me raving about the place…and every time I would say “This place is great! The best thing is, they don’t charge parents!” Which is a HUGE deal. So many places charge so much money for your children to enter, THEN they charge the parents to walk about around watch them play. We loved everything about this place and now we will definitely be having more birthday parties there! Side note, Planning was a breeze too! From my initial call, to planning it all with the party manager. Your staff was great. Thank you, FunTime Junction. You really made my daughter’s birthday great!"

Ralph a

"Funtime Junction lived up to it's name. My two sons and I had an absolute blast there. We originally went just for the Laser Tag, which was great by the way, but my boys really enjoyed the large jungle gym and the games were a great time as well. I can see why kids love it here because it was a lot of fun...totally worth the trip, and totally worth your family dollar."

irwin s

"I remember this place from when my kids were young. Now they have their own little kids and we went there to let them have some fun. The place has changed greatly. The old worn out carpet has been replaced and many of the older beat-up games are gone and the new ones make the place look a lot better. The staff was very helpful when it came to getting my grandsons out of the climbing tower. They just loved it so much, that they would just laugh at us and climb back in every time we told them it was time to come out. 

They modernized the games with card readers like other up-scale arcade centers. It's so much easier than dealing with those gross tokens. The owner was really a nice guy and has been pouring improvements into the place to modernize it.

It's really a fun place for the kids and parents."

Gary b

"Haven’t been in years, but it has really changed. The place was so clean (carpets, rides, walls, etc. ) I felt completely comfortable with kids running around touching everything. This is a great place for toddlers and an easy (not so expensive) way to spend a few hours. The management was very friendly and there was plenty of space to sit while the kids ran around. The cafe area is big and there was plenty to choose from. Looks like a great place to have a birthday party!"

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