Cheese Pie:  $15.00

Pepperoni Pie:  $17.50


Pie Toppings: $2.50

Add any additional topping for $2.50


Cakes: (Must be ordered no later than 1 week prior to the party!)

Carvel Standard Ice Cream Cake:  $25.00

Generic "Happy Birthday" ice cream cake.

Carvel Themed Ice Cream Cake:  

Regular Half Sheet:   $32.00

Large Full Sheet:   $49.00

Personalized with the birthday child's name and a 2D theme/ photo.


Bucket of Chips:  $8.95

Potato chips served in a keepsake sand pail.

Bowl of Popcorn: $8.95

Freshly popped popcorn.

4 Mini Donuts: $1.95/ Serving

Cinnamon Sugar, Salted Caramel or Plain Donuts 

2 oz Cup of Frazil: $.99/ Serving

Blue Raspberry or Green Apple

 Nacho Cheese Platter:  $17.95

Chips topped with cheese, sour cream and salsa.

Chili Cheese Nachos Platter:  $19.95

Chips topped with chili, cheese, jalapenos, sour cream and salsa.


Pot of Coffee or Tea:   $7.95


Pitcher of Hot Chocolate:  $9.95

Pitcher of Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate