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With adherence to the strictest CDC and New Jersey guidelines, as of May 19, 2021, our capacity has been reinstated to full capacity.  All guests--including adults--MUST PRE-REGISTER for a 90-minute time slot and complete an online waiver.
As of March 5, 2022, face masks are no longer required, but recommended.  All employees and guests over the age of 2 are recommended to wear masks, which should cover both the mouth and nose.  If a member of your family forgets to bring a mask, a limited number are available for sale.
Upon arrival, all employees and guests must have their temperature taken with our non-contact  forehead thermometer.  Anyone with a temperature above 100 degrees will be denied entry.
For your convenience, Sanitation Stations are located throughout the facility and in all party rooms.
In between each 90-minute timeslot, FunTime staff members thoroughly clean the facility and sanitize with electrostatic misters.
We request only 1 family unit at a time in the elevator or in the restrooms.  Ride and activity limits will be enforced.  We also encourage guests to only use the right side of the stairs to minimize contact when there is two-way traffic.
Parties are hosted in a double-sized party room with tables spread out so guests can safely maintain 6 feet of distance while eating.
Games are spaced out wherever possible.  Please take turns to avoid being too close to other guests.
Ceiling fans run non-stop to circulate air.