10:00-11:30 AM
Wed, October 6, 2021



To create a more comfortable environment for some of our most sensitive guests we are proud to introduce a new monthly special session just for them. On the first Wednesday of each month, during our first timeslot of the day, from 10:00-11:30 AM, we will turn off most of our arcade games that have flashing lights and make loud noise. Our entire climbing area and jump pillow, the toddler playground, FunTime Freddy's FunHouse and the wall manipulative toys will be available. 

With the additional purchase of FunTime FunPass credits, children will also have the opportunity to go on our helicopter ride (32" height minimum), drive the Krazy Kars-- with flashing LED lights turned off-- or have a parent remote control drive it for them (18 months - 6 years old and under 60 pounds), enjoy the rocking motion of one of our kiddie rides and win a prize on one of the crane machines. 

Per Executive Order 122, mask-wearing restrictions are lessened for those children that have difficulty keeping them on when it inhibits their health.

Please see our contact info below and reach out if you have any questions!




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